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Frequently Asked Questions

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Beej-Mantras and Prabhu Kripa Conventions

Q. How can I get Beej-Mantras? How much I have to pay for them?
A. You will have to attend a Prabhu Kripa Samagam (Convention) to obtained Beej-Mantras. These Beej-Mantras are free.

Q. Can I obtain Beej-Mantras over the phone or through email?
A. No Beej-Mantras can normally be obtained in any Prabhu Kripa Convention only. Only in exceptional cases, when it is impossible for you to attend any Prabhu Kripa Convention, you may send your written request to any one of following email addresses or Dham addresses for obtaining Beej-Mantras: 1. prabhukripa999@gmail.com or 2. bslndhamusa@gmail.com or 3. C-27 Greater Kailash Enclave 1, New Delhi 110048

Q. Where can I attend the Prabhu Kripa Convention?
A. These Conventions are held all over the world. You can attend any convention and can obtain Beej-Mantras there. There is no entry fees or pre-appointment necessary to attend there Conventions. You can simply walk-in there and attend the entire Convection to obtain Beej-Mantras.

Q. How can I get information about the schedule of Prabhu Kripa Conventions?
A. You can get information from these websites: www.pklnd.org or www.bslnd.org or by calling Phone 001-216-929-4516 (USA), 001-732-494-8500 (USA) or 011-276089950 (Delhi, India) or by subscribing Prabhu Kripa Magazine. More phone numbers can be obtained from these web-sites.

Q. Can I attend a Prabhu Kripa Convention and obtain Beej-Mantras for my family members, friends, relatives or my parents etc?
A. You may obtain Beej-Mantras for yourself only. If anyone else wants Beej-Mantras then he/ she should physically attend the Prabhu Kripa Convention.

Q. If someone in my family is very sick or very old and has desire to obtain Beej-Mantras but cannot attend a Prabhu Kripa Convention, then how can he or she obtain Beej-Mantras?
A. In that case you may attend the Prabhu Kripa Convention and request on their behalf to Sevadaars (Volunteers) there and they will send your request to Sadgurudevji for Beej-Mantras for them.

Q. Can I give Beej-Mantras to my Family member or friends who have desire to obtain Beej- Mantras.
A. Beej-Mantras are given to people who attend the Prabhu Kripa Convention. You cannot give Beej-Mantras to anybody.

Q. Why Beej-Mantras can only be obtained by attending a Prabhu Kripa Convention?
A. Beej-Mantras are given only by Sadgurudevji to people who attend Prabhu Kripa Convention. Beej-Mantras work only when they are obtained by his permission.

Prabhu Kripa Naam Paath (Beej-Mantra Paath)

Q. What is the procedure for performing Prabhu Kripa Naam Paath?
A. The procedure is written in Beej-Mantra Book, which you get in a Prabhu Kripa Convention. CD is also available for your help. You may contact sewadars (volunteers) who will help you to understand the paath. You may attend Satsangs to learn the process of Beej-Mantra Paath.

Q. Can I buy Beej-Mantra CD?
A. You can buy Beej-Mantra CD only if Sadgurudevji blessed you with Beej-Mantras.

Q. Can I buy Beej-Mantra Book?
A. Beej-Mantra book is absolutely free but it can only be obtained when permitted by Sadgurudevji.

Q. Someone in my family or relation has obtained Beej-Mantras. Can I use that book to do Beej- Mantra Paath?
A. Beej-Mantras are given individually only. You cannot use someone else’s book at all.

Q. Can I make a copy of Beej-Mantra book or CD for me and use it?
A. Nothing will work or help you unless it is permitted by Sadgurudevji.

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